Month: May 2013

DM #8: Keep Pointing to the Possible

You can’t have leadership without connection. This week we discuss how to align people to shared goals, big or small, we talk about historical examples of explorers who were mapping new territory and leading the way to a new future. We talk about the golden age of technological capability (right now) and the difference between designing an object and designing a process. On todays journey we touch on the value and price of trust, the power of uniting people behind your ideas and how to truly lead in the connection economy.

DM #7: Domesticate Failure

Even coke isn’t for everyone. This week we tackle a listener-chosen topic, the fear of failure. What creates a culture of fear, how to diagnose fear of failure in your own life habits and how to overcome it. We talk about how to create a structure around your goals and stop setting yourself up to fail. By embracing failure we can create clear boundaries, define what ‘good enough’ means and break through the barriers to your success.