Month: June 2013

DM #9: A Planned Uncertainty

Getting your project out of the building. This week Frank and Jason discuss the launch of their latest artwork, Morhphic Mirror. Created for Vivid by ourselves and Liam Ryan, we talk about the transition that happens when you put your project in the hands of thousands of people. Shipping, launching, ‘finishing’ and the like. We talk about why you would put yourself through something like that, why it’s so much fun and engaging to watch people play with your artwork, how the breadth of response really makes such a difference. We touch on the unknown quantities with launching, of making tweaks once you’ve launched and everything else that happens in that incredible moment of transition.

Go on, get your projects out there and into other peoples hands. What are you waiting for?

How to take control over your destiny. Vince Frost on thinking big in design

The very first episode of Creative Agency! This week Jason is joined by Vince Frost, the founder and director of Frost Design. Amongst other things we discuss idea generation, starting small, surrounding yourself with people who’re smarter and better than you are (at things you’re not interested in knowing!) and working collaboratively at all levels.