Month: August 2013

DM #12: Mind Expanding

I have an artwork up in that tree. This week Frank and I discuss our recent visit to Wellington, New Zealand, for the Lux Symposium and Light Art Festival. We talk about how much fun you can have connecting with new people and how sharing your process (warts and all) helps to build real connections. We touch on how difficult it can be to get used to the ‘spotlight’ (and a clever tip for how to sidestep that very problem) as well as striking the right balance between underselling and over hyping. We’re all trying to reach different goals and it’s easy to feel like you’ve made tiny progress. Getting together and sharing your experience can be a real catalyst in helping you celebrate the small steps you’ve made.
Get out there and share your story!

From country boy to CEO, how Pete Cooper reshaped the Sydney startup landscape

Pete Cooper is not your average entrepreneur. Starting out as a computer science grad in the 1980’s, his first job was to help build the technology to run the Australian Stock Exchange (technology that ran the ASX for more than two decades). After that, he worked his way up to the highest levels in the banking business world, guiding these mega businesses through the early days of online revolution. Now Pete’s the founder of a number of businesses, the tribal leader of a startup community and a Director at the Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS. To say the least, he’s come a long way.