Month: February 2014

Phil Morle on creating the conditions of success.

Two years ago Phil Morle would have told you that investing in startups is like moneyball, a numbers game. That you need to overcome a high rate of failure by taking more rolls of the dice. That failure is something to be endured, a natural part of the startup world. But that’s not what he’d tell you today. Phil’s thinking around what makes an enterprise work has evolved and he’s in it to win. For him, that now means taking on fewer business ideas, doggedly pursuing that elusive ‘unfair advantage’ over competitors and doing everything he can to set up the right environment for success.

Steve Lennon talks business: Do big change, fast

Steve Lennon will tell you he’s had more starts than Phar Lap. A self-described learning junkie, Steve’s called himself a banker, a general manager, a founder and a management consultant. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t interested in a neat, obvious predetermined journey – instead he’s going to carve his own path and enjoy his own success, warts and all. I met Steve several years ago and had the chance to work closely with him on a new startup project in a large organisation. It was Steve who first gave me a copy of Business Model Generation, who introduced me to the concept of business design. In many ways, you could say that Steve is part of the story that led me to create TKLR, so to invite Steve on Creative Agency is a real buzz.