Author: Jason McDermott

Using design to influence behaviour

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could influence the behaviour of those around us, for the better? What if we could inspire people to take better care of our environment, to develop healthier living habits for themselves, to create healthier, stronger communities? What if we could play an active role in that, as designers? Stanford […]

Thrown for a loop

Volume 1, Issue 23 Thrown for a loop This week I’m a little bit thrown, to be honest. This week I enjoyed a long and wide ranging conversation with a good friend of mine, Carl. We were talking about the challenges of working from home, which I’ve written about many times before and probably will […]

Staring at the wave

Volume 1, Issue 21 The wave rolls on Just a quick note for you today, this week the wave of projects has rolled right over me. I love being an entrepreneur! Where will the internet take us today? Tips Basecamp remind us that it’s ok to not use tools. Brent Simmons doesn’t code at night […]

The consultancy trap

Volume 1, Issue 19 Time to get outta dodge This week I didn’t bother showing up at work. I didn’t set up an out-of-office email responder, I didn’t notify colleagues, nor did I leave any post-it notes on my keyboard. I simply packed my bags and left. Three years ago, this move would have been […]

Finding clarity

Volume 1, Issue 17 The forecast is clear This week I have two stories to share with you, one funny and the other a real kick in the pants. The first story is about my relationship with my parents. They’re not technology people, they’re slowly coming around to the touch screen age and they’ve long […]

The last day of camp

Volume 1, Issue 16 Summer of Code You could say that I’m a happy camper. The last fortnight has been a blast! I spent 7 full days working with the dudes at Code Camp, teaching kids how to make apps. The kids ranged in age from 8-14, came from a bunch of different schools and […]

The irony!

Volume 1, Issue 15 Let’s talk about discipline This week I had a killer email topic that I wanted to share with you: the joy of discipline. I was going to write about how functionally useful it is to have something consistent, some goal, some anchor in your life to keep you on track. I […]

Making an impact

Volume 1, Issue 10 Changing the Channel If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hooked on the smattering of amazing TV shows coming out of the US. True Detective, Game of Thrones and House of Cards are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much high quality TV being made, it’s almost like we’re […]

The Disruption Issue

Volume 1, Issue 9 Who’s Disrupting Whom? And so it goes.. This week I’ve immersed myself in literature about the theory of disruptive innovation. It’s a fascinating topic, one which could never truly be covered properly by a weekly email newsletter, but still I do have a few take away points to share with you. […]


I can vividly remember the Friday joy I would often feel at a previous job, the one where weekend time was a precious resource and the daily grind was something to endure. Yet since taking the plunge into the freelance and entrepreneurial world, I can’t remember the last time I yearned for the week to […]

Get out of your head!

Volume 1, Issue 6 And into my car.. Gotta love a good hobby. Whilst we all know it’s important to understand the distinction between running a business and enjoying an expensive hobby (in many cases that’s the first ‘business’ decision we make), it does also help to find and enjoy hobbies that take us away […]

The Future

Volume 1, Issue 6 Resolutely moving into the future Welcome all to a brand new year, to the sweet and alluring scent of opportunity. In light of the festivities and blessed holiday absenteeism, I’ll keep this one short. No doubt you’ll be far too busy paving your way into the future or lamenting those dropped […]

Phil Morle on creating the conditions of success.

Two years ago Phil Morle would have told you that investing in startups is like moneyball, a numbers game. That you need to overcome a high rate of failure by taking more rolls of the dice. That failure is something to be endured, a natural part of the startup world. But that’s not what he’d tell you today. Phil’s thinking around what makes an enterprise work has evolved and he’s in it to win. For him, that now means taking on fewer business ideas, doggedly pursuing that elusive ‘unfair advantage’ over competitors and doing everything he can to set up the right environment for success.

Steve Lennon talks business: Do big change, fast

Steve Lennon will tell you he’s had more starts than Phar Lap. A self-described learning junkie, Steve’s called himself a banker, a general manager, a founder and a management consultant. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t interested in a neat, obvious predetermined journey – instead he’s going to carve his own path and enjoy his own success, warts and all. I met Steve several years ago and had the chance to work closely with him on a new startup project in a large organisation. It was Steve who first gave me a copy of Business Model Generation, who introduced me to the concept of business design. In many ways, you could say that Steve is part of the story that led me to create TKLR, so to invite Steve on Creative Agency is a real buzz.

Ho, ho, ho!

Volume 1, Issue 5 ‘Tis the season to be… So it seems that the festive season has hit us once again. I do hope you’ve all done your dash and can safely avoid the zombie horde of last-minute Christmas shoppers. I myself have taken a hybrid physical-digital approach to shopping this year and have managed […]


Volume 1, Issue 4 ¡Buenas Noches! Good evening! Last year I spent nearly 6 months travelling through Latin America, winding my way through the Andes and learning the local Spanish flavour each time I crossed a border. Each new place had a different way to express thoughts and feelings and I loved making the effort […]