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The Richard Goodwin Interview

This week Jason is joined by Internationally renowned artist and architect, Richard Goodwin. Richard’s porosity and parasitic architecture has been exhibited around the world and there’s a good chance you’ve come across his urban artworks if you’ve walked or driven around the streets of Sydney. Richard and I talk about his one true project, how he approaches creating his art and how the digital age is shaping his practice.

DM #10: In the Midst of A Data Slam

This week on Divergent Minds we’re going to be doing things a little differently. This week we’ll be going behind the scenes at a Data Slam. Now some of you may have heard of things like Hack Days or hackathons, events that bring together people from different backgrounds to create something new in a short space of time. They’re essentially creative events, designed to create new projects that solve common or shared problems. The Data Slam very much follows this model, but with a slight twist. But what really sets this event apart is the focus of the data slam. Bringing people together to tackle the challenge of communicating sustainability via the arts. The Data Slam was the brainchild of Jodi Newcombe, the director of Carbon Arts. The Data slam was supported by the City of Sydney, was housed in the incredible Object Gallery and was facilitated by none other than Usman Haque, creator of the wildly successful Pachube platform (now known as Xively).