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The consultancy trap

Volume 1, Issue 19 Time to get outta dodge This week I didn’t bother showing up at work. I didn’t set up an out-of-office email responder, I didn’t notify colleagues, nor did I leave any post-it notes on my keyboard. I simply packed my bags and left. Three years ago, this move would have been […]

Finding clarity

Volume 1, Issue 17 The forecast is clear This week I have two stories to share with you, one funny and the other a real kick in the pants. The first story is about my relationship with my parents. They’re not technology people, they’re slowly coming around to the touch screen age and they’ve long […]

The Future

Volume 1, Issue 6 Resolutely moving into the future Welcome all to a brand new year, to the sweet and alluring scent of opportunity. In light of the festivities and blessed holiday absenteeism, I’ll keep this one short. No doubt you’ll be far too busy paving your way into the future or lamenting those dropped […]