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Steve Lennon talks business: Do big change, fast

Steve Lennon will tell you he’s had more starts than Phar Lap. A self-described learning junkie, Steve’s called himself a banker, a general manager, a founder and a management consultant. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t interested in a neat, obvious predetermined journey – instead he’s going to carve his own path and enjoy his own success, warts and all. I met Steve several years ago and had the chance to work closely with him on a new startup project in a large organisation. It was Steve who first gave me a copy of Business Model Generation, who introduced me to the concept of business design. In many ways, you could say that Steve is part of the story that led me to create TKLR, so to invite Steve on Creative Agency is a real buzz.

How to create an innovation culture in big Business, with Annalie Killian of AMP

Have you ever felt stifled by a large organisational hierarchy? One that demands permission before you can act, that places process and risk management above personal empowerment and innovation? Finding the right environment for cultivating positive crowd-led change can be remarkably hard, which is why today’s interview with Annalie Killian is so great. Annalie’s the […]

The traditional classroom model is broken, Roy Green shows us the future of business education

Professor Roy Green is one of the smartest, most eloquent business thinkers I’ve ever met. Dean of the UTS Business School, Professor Green is the driving force behind some dramatic shifts within the university, spearheading many of the cross disciplinary manoeuvres happening between faculties as well as the spectacular Dr. Chau Chak city campus building designed by US ‘starchitect’ Frank Gehry. Roy has a background in Economics and policy and has an incredible birds eye view of the changes affecting local and global business ventures, and is very well connected with many of the new startup ventures in the Sydney metropolitan area. I sat down with Roy to learn how changes in the technology & design spheres are influencing the way business education is created and delivered, the kinds of skills and exposure people need to excel in business today and how to build the soft infrastructure for startups success.

Three awesome podcasts for entrepreneurs

I’m a huge fan of the podcast format. Not only is it an incredibly personal format, podcasts can also deliver some of the most personal, frank and highly useful information right to your doorstep. If you know where to look, the podcast can become an incredible learning tool when starting out in a new business. Want to know how the CEO of a highly successful startup manages her team, day to day? Want to hear how that global business got started, before they were famous? Want to learn about new insights into human behaviour and how you can use these in your business, today? For entrepreneurs both new and experienced, podcasts are going to be your new best friend.

From country boy to CEO, how Pete Cooper reshaped the Sydney startup landscape

Pete Cooper is not your average entrepreneur. Starting out as a computer science grad in the 1980’s, his first job was to help build the technology to run the Australian Stock Exchange (technology that ran the ASX for more than two decades). After that, he worked his way up to the highest levels in the banking business world, guiding these mega businesses through the early days of online revolution. Now Pete’s the founder of a number of businesses, the tribal leader of a startup community and a Director at the Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS. To say the least, he’s come a long way.