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Ho, ho, ho!

Volume 1, Issue 5 ‘Tis the season to be… So it seems that the festive season has hit us once again. I do hope you’ve all done your dash and can safely avoid the zombie horde of last-minute Christmas shoppers. I myself have taken a hybrid physical-digital approach to shopping this year and have managed […]

If you make correct decisions, you will be successful. Marc Lehmann on shifting the startup mindset.

What inspired Marc Lehmann to leave his high flying finance role at Deutsche Bank, to jump into the trenches with other small business owners? Believe it or not, the Saasu story starts with a small plastic bag full of receipts. More than a decade ago, Marc started noticing how much time and effort entrepreneurs would […]

From country boy to CEO, how Pete Cooper reshaped the Sydney startup landscape

Pete Cooper is not your average entrepreneur. Starting out as a computer science grad in the 1980’s, his first job was to help build the technology to run the Australian Stock Exchange (technology that ran the ASX for more than two decades). After that, he worked his way up to the highest levels in the banking business world, guiding these mega businesses through the early days of online revolution. Now Pete’s the founder of a number of businesses, the tribal leader of a startup community and a Director at the Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS. To say the least, he’s come a long way.